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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Blog Wrap -- 1-18-06

Here is "The Blog Wrap" -- some blog posts of particular note that I have been reading. In the comments sections of these posts, you will find remarks from yours truly.

Ann Althouse on the Ayotte ruling handed down today by the US Supreme Court regarding New Hampshire's abortion law.

Eugene Volokh on the usefulness of amicus curiae briefs before the US Supreme Court.

Orin Kerr on oral arguments in United States v. Grubbs, a 4th Amendment case before the US Supreme Court.

Stephen Bainbridge on the US Supreme Court's ruling in Gonzales v. Oregon, the case dealing with Oregon's assisted suicide law.

Stephen Bainbridge on why it was crucial that conservatives fought (and won) the battle over Harriet Miers.

Althouse, Volokh Conspiracy, and ProfessorBainbridge are three excellent law blogs (or blawgs, if you prefer) that are definitely worth regular reading. Enjoy!


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